Hello world!

This blog is a new experience and an experiment, we don’t know where it’s going and the direction it takes will at least some of the time be up to you.  Hope you enjoy the ride.

We will share some of our insights on image capture , the equipment used, as well as environmental and natural history tidbits. We pretend to no expertise in all things photographic but we manage to have some success at capturing interesting and beautiful creatures (they are all beautiful) as well as the land that they and we share. Please check out our web site Pronghorn Wildlife Photography  for more images.

When Nikon released the D2x we snapped up a couple of them and our transformation from using film (remember?) to digital began.  Suddenly we needed more computing power, Photoshop and Lightroom, external hard drives, copying to DVD, and on and on.  Sometimes shooting with film seems like a really fine idea, and then I look at my camera histogram or increase or decrease the ISO and I think this digital thing is good, it might even catch on.  In truth I really wish we had today’s digital cameras back when we were working on our book The Common Plants of Costa Rica. Slow film in the rain forest?  Oh yeah, but it all worked out, and we learned a lot, not just about photographing in difficult situations but about one of the most beautiful and environmentally diverse places on Earth.

So let’s see where this ends up.  We look forward to you sharing your comments and or questions and we will endeavor to reply to all.

Author: Pronghorn Wildlife Photography

We're nature and wildlife photographers living in the mountains north of Cotopaxi, Colorado. As naturalists and outdoor fanatics, we commune with nature and attempt to share our wildlife encounters with like-minded people.

2 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Hi Larry! I met you on the side of the highway in CO near your home while you were photographing some Bighorns in December. Glad to see you have a blog, thanks for all the tips they are very much appreciated!! Beautiful photos, keep the blogs coming!! We are in South Africa now, so if you want to come visit let me know 😉
    Best Regards

    1. Hello Rebecca! What a surprise to hear from you, and thanks for the kind words. Africa! Of course we want to visit South Africa but it may be awhile. You’ve some really nice images on your web site, keep up the good work.
      Take care

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